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  • PHICON’s products were awarded as High-tech Products of Guangdong Province.

  • PHICON obtained NMPA certificate on 25(OH)D ELISA and HLA-B27 ELISA again.

  • PHICON obtained NMPA certificate of Ferritin Rapid Test and ALT Rapid Test.

  • PHICON obtained government fund support on technology development.


  • PHICON was awarded as High-Tech Enterprise of Guangzhou and obtained relevant government fund support.

  • PHICON obtained Guangzhou Government Fund of Small or Middle Enterprises Technology Innovation on Osteoporosis related bone biomarkers research and development.

  • PHICON obtained NMPA certificate on P1NP and Urine CTX-I ELISA.

PHICON moved to Guangzhou Science and Technology Enterprise Accelerator and completed a number of topics or projects.
PHICON began to develop a series of fluorescence chromatography Assay kits.
PHICON successfully developed 5 fluorescence chromatography  test kits.  and relevant immunofluorescence analyzer obtained  NMPA certificate.
 And established Hunan PHICON.
PHICON successfully developed more than 15 fluorescence chromatography  test kits, obtained ISO13485 certification, obtained  NMPA and Fda certificates for Infrared Thermometer, NMPA certificate for disposable medical googles, disposable medical mask, disposable virus sample collection tube, etc.. 


PHICON lauched 20 new NMPA certified products. 

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