Nuitrition Assay
FER Rapid Test

Cat. Number: PR-006

Specifications: 50 tests per kit

Method: Chromatographic Immunoassay

Stored at: 2-30

Expected Purpose

Qualitative assay FER in human whole blood or serum, for in-vitro diagnostic use only.

This first and true point-of-care test allows you to safety assay FER deficiency or sufficiency levels on the spot in the doctor’s office or in the field without any equipment. This test can provide results within 10 minutes.

This assay also can be matched with POCT readers, and obtain results within 15 minutes.


Test Cassettes and FER buffer.

Features and Advantages

√ Simple, Quick and Convenient

 Obtain results within 10-15 Minutes

 Accurate, good correlation with other commercial methods

 Applied in POCT reader

 Offer OEM and ODM service

Assay procedure


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FER Rapid Test

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